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Models Photographers Designers as One

I wanted to begin this blog to point out the great people i have been so lucky to meet and call friends and work with to grow this family behind our commitment to make a team that works as one.

We have made so much progress in the last few days, growing benefits for our models including working with the model advocate to screen photographers internationally as they join our team and taking steps to grow networking opportunities for designers including buyers and manufactures and needed resources to grow their brand including pop up store at each of our fashion events internationally.

So, the journey has begun let's show everyone that we can create an amazing team that we can work together and grow and learn together.

Our team also represents several charities including our own Cameras for kids, and Beauty beyond Measure which covers ideas of putting cameras in kids' hands and teaching them instead of them picking up guns and models speaking on issues such as eating disorders and health issues.

Check out our site see what our team has instore

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