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Video Work

Shooting Star works in conjuction with our drone and video team anonymous media inc  to ensure we exceed all the clients expectations on every project.


Every company should utilize web commercials to grow their business.  A commercial serves several things.  First it shows potential clients what your company is about and why they should hire your services.  Second, putting it on social media like YouTube and Facebook will help with search engine optimization.  Third it helps add a footprint on the internet when potential clients Google or search for your type of company.


 Using drones to capture breathtaking photos of your property is a must for not only for the seller to show all the property has to offer, but for the buyer to know exactly what the property looks like.  Shooting High Definition Photography and Videography provides the clearest images possible.  



           Advertising your company online has become the most cost effective way to put your company in front of potential customers.  We have to ability to utilize social media and advertise in a certain area, market, or demographic region to make the best possible use of your budget. 



            With social media having a large impact on how companies get their business out to potential customers, having a good foot print online is crucial for a business to grow.  We can help your company develop and maintain a good social media presence. 


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Industrial promotional 



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Promotional Video




Music Videos

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