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Photographers-Models-Designers as ONE

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I am so pleased to announce a project that is so important to me, something I have thought about for some time. Project Roadway!!

This project mixes the things that we stand for as a business and combines with some of my passions and personal interests.

Photographers- Models- Designers as ONE is our core business 

Our national road tours are based on our historical trails of the country, we have 11 historical trails.

30 Days on the Road touring our historical routes of America!!








With each of our tours we will have several components to each

1. Sustainable Fashion- We will be having mobile fashion shows in several cities along our routes, these will help educate and offer ideas to local designers.

2. Modeling - We will be taking 10 models and 2 model/Instructors. Photo shoots and modeling for our fashion events and educating new models on our national casting calls for our Shooting Star Casting division.

3. Documentary- We will be shooting local business, and people of our routes, covering the History and tourism of our historical roads.

4. Reality Show- We will be shooting a reality-based show showing our entire travels for production (Top Model and Runway combined with 28 days living on the road)

5. Charities- We have selected several children charities to support on our road tours, the entire group feels strongly that we should pay it forward to children, Autism and children cancer is our spot lite for our first tour.

National Casting- Casting and creating a national database of models, Designers, photographers, MUA, and all small businesses and sponsors of all of our tours in the United States.

Podcasts and social media- Our combined social media following will be approx.  150K with our combined following and new following from several social media platforms. We will also be presenting our own podcasts along our routes as well.

Road Tour 1-    July 2022

Project Roadway 66

The team will travel route 66, beginning in Carthage MO.  all way to Arizona California border before heading South and Then East on the Pacific Trail making our last stop in New Orleans. 

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Our total stat for this tour is 5700 miles, with 30 stops for photo ops and interviews, along with 9 stops for fashion events including boot camps, and national casting calls.

We will be working with many national sponsors as well as local tour route companies and organizations to make our tours successful at all levels.